Integrative Health Programs

We regularly partner with Beebe Healthcare Integrative Health to provide a variety of programs that promote health and wellness. Upcoming events are listed below. Registration is requested for each program. You can register by following the link below the program description.

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions Workshop – Wednesdays, October 24 – November 28, 2:30 – 5:00 PM
Beebe Healthcare and the Delaware Division of Public Health are partnering for a 6-week workshop which aims to help people with chronic conditions or those caring for people with chronic conditions live healthier lives.
This free program is great for adults living with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, chronic pain, arthritis, weight issues, lung disease, multiple sclerosis, or other ongoing health concerns. And, adults caring for someone with a chronic condition are invited to attend as well!
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Embodied Mindfulness – Wednesday, November 14, 3:00 PM
In this class, Raylen Williams will lead the group to explore how to integrate mindfulness into life by exploring movement.
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The Future is Now: Exciting Advances in Genomic Testing and Personalized Medicine – Wednesday, November 28, 3:00 PM
Unravel the mystery behind why no one diet or medication works equally well for all, as Uday Jani, MD explores the individualized approach to medical care, with an in-depth look at the latest genetic, pharmacogenomics and gut microbiome testing. You’ll gain a better understanding of how your individual makeup impacts everything from nutritional choices to medication efficacy to lifestyle modifications for preventing disease. Dr. Jani draws on his expertise in traditional, integrative and functional medicine to explain the risks, benefits and tremendous promise of these thrilling medical breakthroughs…the personalized, precision treatments of tomorrow now arriving at today’s most progressive practices.
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Cultivating Kindness: How Getting Softer Can Make Us Stronger – Wednesday, December 12, 3:00 PM
It’s hard for things to grow in a toxic environment. Yet, many of us have learned that being hard on ourselves (or others) is the key to motivating sustained change. This talk will take a brief look at the power of kindness to help us “till and nourish the soil” so the seeds of transformation can take root, grow, and thrive.
Led by Karen Barwick, LPCMH.
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