Lewes Public Library Legacy Society

Legacy Society Members

These members are all those who have remembered the Library in their wills as well as all those who have made significant lifetime donations of $25,000 or more.

We will recognize these very important donors in a variety of ongoing ways:

  • A biography of each Legacy Society member will be created as a display card and for viewing online, through the Library web site.
  • Society members also will be listed on a special plaque inside the Library building, as well as in the Legacy Society brochure.
  • Each Society member will be invited to an annual luncheon at the Library.

Getting Started

Most Legacy Society gifts are made by including a simple paragraph in donors’ wills. To execute a bequest, simply ask your attorney to make an addition to your will, then let us know – we will be pleased to welcome you to the Legacy Society. If you need assistance preparing a will, we can help.
There also are planned gifts that can pay you income during your lifetime(s) before eventually being received by the Library. If you would like to explore other types of charitable giving instruments, we can arrange a consultation for you at no charge.
If you have already named the Library in your will or estate, please let us know so we may add you to our Legacy Society listings and invitation lists.

Do you have questions?

Please contact Rebecca Lowe, Library Development Director, at (302) 645-2733, ext. 4117 or by email.