Universe of Stories – Kids’ Summer Library Challenge 2019

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Story Times & Regular Programs

StoryWalk, June 17 – Labor Day – Start located on the patio outside the Kids’ Wing.
Mondays, 10:30 AM – Garden Story Time in the Children’s Learning Garden with Lewes in Bloom (All Ages)
Mondays, 4:30 PM – L.E.A.P. – Read to Dogs (Readers of All Ages)
Tuesdays, 10:30 AM – Pre-school Story Time
Wednesdays, 10:30 AM – Infant & Toddler Story Time
Saturdays, 9 AM – Story Time at the Historic Lewes Farmers Market (All Ages)


Tuesday, June 17, 2:00 PM
DASEF (Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation): Footsteps on the Moon (K – 5th Grade)

Celebrate the monumental success of the mission of Apollo 11 that placed humans on the surface of the Moon! Children will revisit that journey and begin dreaming about their own part in the future of space exploration. “A Universe of Stories”, past, present and future awaits!

This program includes the following activities:

  • Make a straw rocket to learn about action/reaction
  • Make and test a model of the lunar module to ensure a soft landing
  • Design a rover capable of surveying the surface of Mars
  • Create a modular artificial habitat for the Moon and Mars

Presented by DASEF. http://www.dasef.org/

Wednesday, June 18, 1:00 PM
See a Space Suit! (All Ages)
Did you know that the space suit Neil Armstrong wore on the moon was made right here in Delaware? Meet, Bill Ayrey – the man who tests space suits for NASA, and see one of them up close.  He’ll tell us why we need to wear space suits as well as talk to us about the history of the Apollo program.

This program is for children and their families.

Tuesday, June 25, 1:00 PM
Tween eReader Clinic for Kids Ages 8 – 12

REGISTRATION REQUIRED online here: https://delawarelibraries.libcal.com/event/5325445
Get your device ready to download books, audio, and video content from the Delaware Libraries collection all summer long. We’ll help you download the appropriate apps, and get your library account hooked up. **You must have a library card to access content for eReaders, and must have the ability to download apps to the device.**

Thursday, June 27, 10:30 AM
Makin’ Music with Nancy Curry (All Ages)
Get ready to sign, dance, and have lots of fun with Lewes Library fan favorite, Makin’ Music. This event is for all ages, but will be most highly enjoyed by the preschool set.



Monday, July 8, 11:30 AM
ClearSpace Children’s Theatre Series: Aladdin (All Ages)
Clear Space Theatre has developed a summer Children’s Theatre Series performed by kids for kids.  They’ll bring a 30-minute version of the beloved classic, Aladdin, for all to enjoy.

Tuesday, July 9, 2:00 PM
Abbott’s Mill: I Am the Moon (K – 5th Grade)

Explore the wonder and science of our closest space neighbor, the Moon. Learn how to revolve and orbit and look for craters.  Investigate the important role the Moon plays in nature and the life cycle of many plants and animals as it shines, tugs and pulls on our Earth.  Meet a variety of live creatures such as Horseshoe Crabs from Delaware Bay and marsh habitats that depend on the Moon!

Presented by the Delaware Nature Society, Abbott’s Mill Nature Center.

Thursday, July 11, 10:30 AM
ScienceTellers: Aliens: Escape from Earth!

When a mysterious object falls from the sky, two curious kids investigate and find themselves mixed up with a family of visitors from another planet! Don’t miss this action-packed and educational adventure using science experiments for special effects. It’s totally out of this world!

Presented by ScienceTellers.

Tuesday, July 16, 1:00 PM
Tween Movie: Star Wars: The Clone Wars
After the Republic’s victory on Christophsis, Anakin and his new apprentice Ahsoka Tano must rescue the kidnapped son of Jabba the Hutt. Political intrigue complicates their mission. Rated PG.

Thursday, July 18, 10:30 AM
Rehoboth Summer Children’s TheatreAlice in Wonderland
A little girl falls asleep reading a storybook and in her dream she joins all the characters in a wonderland of fan sorceress and win the heart of the princess! Two actors play all the characters in this delightful one hour show!

Tuesday, July 23, 2:00 PM (AGES 8 – 12)
REGISTRATION REQUIRED online here: https://delawarelibraries.libcal.com/event/5212190Participants will spend 40 minutes in DASEF’s inflatable planetarium, learning about the stars and constellations, as the night sky is projected above them. Lesson emphasis is on the circumpolar constellations and those currently visible in the night sky, the myths behind the constellations, and how students can find them from their own backyard. SPACE in the STARLAB is very limited, and registration is required.

Tuesday, July 25, 10:30 AM
David Darwin, ALL AGES

Dave’s act will thrill you with whip cracking, plate spinning, lasso, ball spinning, unicycling and more! And be prepared to laugh yourself out of your seat as Dave juggles, dances and sings with both legs behind his head in an act that earned him an appearance on NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.”

Tuesday, July 30, 2:00 PM
Stevens Puppets: The Wizard of Oz (All Ages)

Lions and tigers and puppets, oh my! In this marionette puppet production of the classic, heart-warming tale of “The Wizard of Oz,” adapted by Stevens Puppets, beautifully hand-carved marionette puppets set against colorfully, hand-painted scenery, bring this tale to life on a magnificently fanciful stage. The musical score that accompanies this theatrical production will have audiences humming all the way home.

Children and adults of all ages will watch as a Kansas cyclone whisks Dorothy off to Oz where she befriends the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman, and the Cowardly Lion.

Show is approximately 45 minutes and includes a 5 minute marionette demonstration after the show.

Learn more @ delawarelibraries.org/artsinthelibrary.


Tuesday, August 6, 1:00 PM
Tween Craft – DIY Constellation

REGISTRATION REQUIRED online here: https://delawarelibraries.libcal.com/event/5326920

Create a piece of art using canvas, paint and twinkle lights that will reflect the night sky. Project inspired by www.alittlecraftinyourday.com.

Thursday, August 8, 2:00 PM 
Turtle Dance Music

This is a techno-space-dance-party for kids and teens with the Summer Library Challenge theme SPACE: A UNIVERSE OF STORIES. Each song includes dancing, music technology and information about our solar system to a thumping beat. Audience members will meet aliens from outer space, talk about the different characteristics of the eight planets, sing karaoke, participate in a rap battle about the sun and learn about the differences between revolution and rotation. Presented by Turtle Dance Music.

Show is approximately 45-minute, accompanied by hands-on, visual, and sensory experiences designed to help kids learn and have fun!

Performance Schedules : delawarelibraries.org/artsinthelibrary

Friday, August 9, 11:00 AM
Finisher’s Party

Let’s celebrate finishing the Summer Library Challenge with activities & games. Hand your Summer Library Challenge log in by 8/2, and come pick out a free book to take home for keeps.

Friday, August 9, 2:00 PM
Science Show & Tell

Join us for a kid and family friendly Science Show & Tell and Q&A session about space and science in general. Did you find something on the beach or in your backyard that you have questions about? Bring it to the library and get answers to those curious scientific questions you’ve always wondered about but have never been able to ask a real scientist, until today!

From Rocket Scientists to Engineers to Oceanographers, you will have the chance to bring your curiosity to a panel of scientists. Ask about space travel, planets, asteroids and stars. Do you want to know if self-driving cars really drive themselves? What might be going on beneath the surface of the oceans? Have you wondered about intelligent species like octopus and elephants? What is climate change and what does it mean to us? Look at the world around you and collect the questions you’d like to have answered, but have never been able to ask a real scientist, until today!