Upcoming Adult Programs

Wondering what special happenings are at the Library this month? Check out the listings below!

All programs are free of charge. Walk ins are welcome unless otherwise noted.

First and third Friday of each month, 1:30 – 3:30 PM
Topical Seminars
Topical Seminars is a bi-monthly meeting of members of our community interested in participating in sessions of informed discourse on a variety of topics. The goal is to have a shared learning experience that will improve the social capital of our community. Participants are expected to prepare for meetings in advance by reading materials prepared by the particular seminar leader, which will be available either on this website or in the Lewes Library. Participants are encouraged to do further research independent of these materials to prepare for the discussion. Each meeting will consist of a short presentation of the topic followed by a spirited conversation based on this reading and research. The seminars are free to the public and all are welcome.
October 18: Who should have a voice in a democracy and to what extent?
November 1: Health care policy and its implications
November 15: Pay for higher education


Third Tuesday of each month, 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support Group
This support group is for those caring for someone with Alzheimer’s or other type of dementia. The group is facilitated by Ruth Pryor of the Alzheimer’s Association, a non-profit organization with the mission to eliminate Alzheimer’s disease through the advancement of research; to provide and enhance care and support for all those affected; and to reduce the risk of dementia through the promotion of brain health.
For more information, contact Jamie Magee at (302) 854-9788 or jamie.magee@alz.org. Walk ins are welcome.

Vietnam Mailbag**
Monday, November 4, 7:00 PM
When American troops in Vietnam answered the call to correspond with a young reporter four decades ago, they could not have envisioned the enduring relevancy of their war letters or the rich legacy their words, photographs and memorabilia would leave to succeeding generations. Ms. Nancy Lynch discusses and reads selected war letters from her book, Vietnam Mailbag: Voices From the War: 1968-1972, based on her popular newspaper column, “Nancy’s Vietnam Mailbag.” She is accompanied by Vietnam veteran Rick Lovekin, a Huey helicopter door gunner, Cobra crew chief and frequent letter writer to Nancy, who shows slides from Vietnam set to 1960s music.
Online registration. Walk ins are welcome.


Tuesdays, 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM
November 5 and 12
Simone Weil’s Venice Saved
Towards the end of her life, the French philosopher and political activist Simone Weil (1909-43) was working on a tragedy, Venice Saved. The play, just been published in English for the first time, explores the depths of Weil’s thoughts on tragedy.
Venice Saved is the story of a horrific evil abated, even though evil later demands its murderous due. A city — its beauty, heritage, and citizens — survives thanks to the merciful actions of the lead character, Jaffier, who was part of a group of Spanish mercenaries who plotted to sack the city in 1618. Nonetheless, Jaffier’s actions, noble as they are, trigger deadly consequences for his friends, the co-conspirators — consequences of the kind doled out by the Nazis, whose brutality was being exercised when Weil penned her play. Written with engaging style and imagination, the play cuts a wide dramatic and philosophic swath akin to something Albert Camus might have envisioned.
This series is presented by Ron Collins, retired professor from the University of Washington School of Law, and is co-hosted by Topical Seminars. A copy of Venice Saved is required for the class. A copy of the book is on reserve behind the Circulation Desk for those who don’t want to purchase the book. Weekly readings may be done at the library or you can make copies.
Online registration.


Delaware Community Foundation | Building Opportunity Keynote | James & Deborah Fallows
Wednesday, November 6, 6:30 PM
The library will serve as a satellite broadcast site for this presentation by James and Deborah Fallows, journalists and authors of Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America.
Since 2013, Our Towns co-authors Deborah and James Fallows have traveled to small communities in every part of the country that have faced economic shocks, political crises or other serious hardships. Each place they went, they talked with teachers, business creators, mayors, religious leaders, students, artists and architects, librarians and others involved in shaping their community’s future.
Their 100,000-mile journey brings us stories of communities remaking their towns and their lives.
Online registration.


Fireside Forum | Stories Worth Repeating**
Friday, November 8, 6:00 PM
Gather around the fireplace to hear Sharon Moore, retired educator, tell Stories Worth Repeating, a celebration of people, places and special times composed from interviews of community members. Learnings and life lessons are reflected in stories read by Ms. Moore. Documentation is explored with a presentation of quilt samples, pictures, and scrapbook pages. This unique presentation offers the opportunity for reflection and appreciation of the brocade pattern of our lives. Come to be entertained, informed and maybe even share. (Sharing is optional yet so appreciated. Who hasn’t had a surprising experience or a colorful family member?)
Online registration.


Sussex County Genealogical Society | Backing Up Your Genealogy Data
Saturday, November 16, 10:00 AM
Monthly meeting of the Sussex County Genealogical Society featuring a a live, interactive video presentation by Thomas MacEntee, the owner of the company High-Definition Genealogy. He will discuss Backing Up Your Genealogy Data. Mr. MacEntee describes himself as a “tech guy with a love of history…..a genealogy professional who’s also a blogger, educator, author, social media connecter, online community builder and more.” He is the author of a number of books and articles, including, 500 Best Genealogy and Family History Tips, Digitization Options for Family Photos, and The Genealogy Do-Over Workbook.


Underground Railroad in Delaware
Tuesday, November 12, 4:00 PM
What was it like to seek freedom on the Underground Railroad? Explore this question through hands-on activities as you learn about freedom seekers and the brave men and women, both enslaved and free, who made this region one of the most successful routes to freedom in the years before the Civil War.
Presented by the Delaware Historical Society.
Online registration.


The Sussex Bird Club | A Meeting of Migrations*
Sunday, November 17, 2:00 PM
Monthly meeting of The Sussex Bird Club. This month’s topic is the Spring migration of horseshoe crabs and red knots.
Michael Oates, of 302 Stories, will show his documentary, A Meeting of Migrations which discusses this important event that occurs along the shores of Delaware Bay. Every spring two huge animal migrations congregate on the shores of Delaware Bay for different purposes. Millions of horseshoe crabs arrive to spawn and lay their eggs in the warming beach sand. At the same time, hundreds of thousands of migratory shorebirds on their way to the Arctic stop long enough to gorge themselves on the crab eggs. This gathering of millions of animals is considered one of the top ten environmental phenomena on the planet. For this reason, researchers from around the world come to study these animals and monitor their populations. The crabs and birds also attract local residents and the general public, who recognize the value of these species and express their concern in a variety of ways.
A Meeting of Migrations profiles the ecology of the horseshoe crab/shorebird phenomenon, the work of the researchers, and the public’s interaction with this world-class gathering.
This program is funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Fair Play Foundation, and the Delmarva Ornithological Society.


Yoga for Anxiety | A Community Class for Awareness
Monday, November 18, 10:00 AM
We are no strangers to anxiety. The mind is a time traveler, keeping us stuck in the past or propelling us into worry, fear, and ANXIETY about the future. If you’re serious about reducing your anxiety, worry, or overwhelm and generating more joy, peace, and passion – this workshop is for you!
Through yoga and breath work, workshop leader Stacey Chandler will offer simple yet effective practices you can easily do at home to steady the nervous system, calm the mind, and shift the body out of the stress response and into the relaxation response.”
Stacey is a Yoga and Holistic practitioner and Meditation teacher who has recovered from depression and anxiety through utilizing holistic remedies such as Yoga, Meditation, and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and the gifts she has received through yoga to help others who are suffering.
Online registration.


Broadway Legends | Mamma Mia!
Wednesday, November 20, 3:00 PM
Clear Space’s Broadway Legends class will perform the score of Mamma Mia! including such classics as “Dancing Queen,” “Super Trouper,” “SOS,” “Mamma Mia!” and “The Winner Takes it All.” Broadway Legends is a class where students 50 and older have the joy of learning a full musical without the added pressure of memorization or complex staging.
Online registration.


* This program is an offering of Lewes Loves Books, a One Book One Community program.

**This program has been made possible by Delaware Humanities, a state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities.