Digital Book Lists for Kids & Families

Missing having library books at home? You can access them digitally through Overdrive & Hoopla! Head over to one of them to browse the catalog, or get started with one of these book lists. Either platform will allow you to download eBooks or eAudiobooks to your digital device, but there are some borrowing differences.

  • Overdrive: You can borrow eBooks, eAudiobooks, and Video, but the copies of those digital books/videos work like physical books/DVDs. Each digital copy can only be checked out by one person at a time, so you may have to wait your turn. You can have 7 check outs at any one time. Hit your limit? Return a book, and you can check another one out.
  • Hoopla: You can borrow eBooks, eAudiobooks, Movies, TV Shows, and Music Albums. There are NO WAIT LISTS. Like Netflix, hundreds of people can be using the same book/movie at the same time. But you only have 4 check outs per calendar month, TOTAL. So, think about that, and use them wisely.

All of the books in these lists are in the Delaware Library Catalog in digital formats — all of them in are Hoopla, so you have the opportunity to check them out right away if you want to. Click on the “Check Our Catalog” link next to the book record to get a link to the catalog for that item. In many cases, if the book is part of a series, there are many other books from that series available for download.