Grab & Go Crafts/Activities

Since we won’t be doing any physical programs in the library this summer, we have a fun craft or activity for you to take home with you each week. You can pick one up when we are open, or request one when you come for curbside pick-up.

Week of August 31st

Preschool – Age 7 – YARN SHAPES. Practice your fine motor skills with some colorful yarn and glue. Use the template and wax paper provided to form a shape. Let it dry and show off your work! Print these instructions, if you prefer.

Tweens CONTACT PAPER STENCIL PAINTING . Create a beautiful canvas painting by using contact paper for a shape template. You have everything you need in your kit, except for scissors. Follow these instructions..

Week of August 24th

Preschool – Age 7 – SPONGE PAINT STAMPS. Get ready to exercise your creativity. Cut sponges into shapes, and use them to paint a masterpiece. Your kit has everything you need in you need, including instructions.

Tweens SUMMER SNOW GLOBES. Make a summer wonderland with a baby food jar, some glitter, water, and mini figurines. Follow these instructions, and get inspiration from this video.

Week of August 17th

Preschool – Age 8 PAPER CUP POPPERS. All you need is a paper cup, some scissors and a balloon to make this simple popper to launch pom-poms. Color in your target, tape it up, and keep score! Download and print the instructions if you already have the materials at home.

Tweens MANIFOLD PUZZLES. Are you ready for some origami puzzle fun? Fold these Manifold puzzles so that all of the black squares are together on one side, and the white ones are together on the other. Get creative! There are six puzzles. Be sure to cut them out straight on the line, as cleanly as possible! Try to work them out on your own, but if you need help, you can find solutions on the Brainwright Youtube page.

Week of August 10th

Preschool – Age 8 BEADED DRAGONFLY. Did you know dragonflies are good luck? Make one to sit on your windowsill or bedside table with pipe cleaners, pony beads, and some self-sticky googly eyes. Watch this video tutorial to see how it’s done.

Tweens CARDBOARD WRAPPED LETTERS. Make these colorful cardboard wrapped letters with the supplies provided. Follow this tutorial to get some ideas. Be creative and make it your own! Share any posts you make with #lplvirtualsummer!

Week of August 3rd

Preschool – Age 8EGG SHAKERS. Make an egg shaker with a plastic Easter egg, some beans, tape, and some decorations. Watch this video tutorial to see how it goes together.

Tweens PHOTO HOLDER. Make a crafty photo holder to display your favorite pics with the supplies provided. Check out this tutorial from Buggy and Buddy to see how it’s done.

Week of July 27

Preschool – Age 8POPSICLE BOAT. This craft is fun to put together and fun to play with. Use the supplies provided and follow this tutorial to make your boat. We’ll use white glue instead of hot glue. Show us your creations by tagging any posts you make with #lplvirtualsummer!

Tweens POPSICLE BIRD FEEDER. Make a feeder for the feathered friends in your backyard. All you need is popsicle sticks, glue, and string. We’ll give you everything you need, including the bird seed! Watch this tutorial to see how it’s made.

Week of July 20

ALL AGESSUN PRINTS. Make unique, artistic designs with just construction paper, contact paper, and the sun! Watch this video to see how to do it.

Week of July 13

Preschool – Age 8MODEL AIRPLANES. Put together the supplied model airplanes and let them fly. Record how far they go with the chart provided.

Tweens STRING ART. We’ll give you everything you need to make a beautiful piece of art. All you need at home is a hammer. Use the board, template (or your own design), nails, string, and hanger provided. Watch this video tutorial to see how it’s done.

Week of July 6

ALL AGES – NATURE PRESSING KIT. Get outside and collect some flowers. We’ll give you wax paper and a blank mini-book to save your creations in. All you’ll need from home is a heavy book to press your flowers in. Check out these instructions for pressing your flowers. Can’t make it to the library? No problem. You can download this printable mini-book template, and use wax paper from home.

Week of June 29

ALL AGES – MAKE A 4TH OF JULY BANNER. We’ll give you the supplies to make a patriotic banner. All you need from home is scissors and some markers or crayons for extra decoration. Can’t make it to the library? No problem. You can download your own copy to print.

Week of June 22

Preschool – Age 8MAKE A BUBBLE WAND. We have the supplies you need and a recipe to make your own bubble wands at home. All you need from home is dish soap.

Tweens BLACKOUT POETRY. Enter the Virtual Blackout Poetry contest for a chance to win a $25 gift card to Candy Kitchen. We’ll give you pages from Grimm’s Fairy Tales to use to create your poetry/art. All you need from home is a black marker, or anything (markers, paint, etc.) that will “black out” the words you want to hide. Watch this How To video for instructions. Can’t make it to the library? No problem, you can download page from Grimm’s Fairy tales on the contest page.

Week of June 15

Preschool – Age 8COVID-19 TIME CAPSULE. You’ve been living through history! We’ll supply you with a template for recording your COVID-19 experience. All you need at home is markers or crayons. Can’t make it to the library? No problem. You can download your own printable copy.

Tweens ORIGAMI BOOKMARKS. We’ll provide you with Zentangle coloring sheets cut to origami-paper-size. Then watch this video for instructions on how to fold your bookmark. All you need are markers or colored pencils and access to the Internet. Can’t get to the library? No problem. Download your own copy of the coloring sheet.