Georgetown-Lewes Trail Temporary Bypass – June & July 2023

Starting Monday, June 5th, a short section of the Georgetown-Lewes Trail on the Northwest side of the Lewes Public Library, between Adams Ave. and the S-curve in the trail will be closed during the construction of Lewes Junction Library-Arts Project. Due to the Trail’s close proximity to the construction zone, temporary rerouting of trail users is required to protect the public during the June – July construction period.
Barriers and signage will clearly direct Georgetown-Lewes Trail users (both pedestrians and cyclists) to turn off the trail and use the Library’s surrounding parking lot, fire lanes, and walkways to traverse the library’s length on the Freeman Memorial Hwy side. Please refer to the bypass route in yellow shown on the map below.
While using the trail bypass, users are encouraged to follow the signage and practice safe trail etiquette by keeping to the right, slowing down, watching for other pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles, waiting for a safe opportunity to pass, keeping dogs on a short leash, and staying aware of surrounding conditions.

Please Note: for additional information about the Lewes Junction Library-Arts Project refer to the separate press release at Passenger Railway Station Coming to Lewes Public Library | Lewes |