Sponsorship Opportunities


Community support is critical to our continued growth and vitality as a public resource. You can make a difference and help ensure a bright future for generations to come by making a gift to the Library. Please read on to learn more about how you can help.

The Lewes Public Library is an “independent library” within the Delaware Division of Libraries consortium. As such, the Library must raise over half of its annual operating funds each year. The Library has two sources of governmental funding: Sussex County and the State of Delaware. The remaining funds needed each year must be raised through our own efforts of soliciting grants and donations, collecting fines and fees, and holding fundraising events, as well as through the efforts of the Friends of Lewes Public Library.

Library Funding FY 2024:


Last year, over 150,000 people walked through our doors. Many more accessed our services online. We are the busiest library in Sussex County, and in the past year we saw a 40% increase in visitors and a 24% increase in program participation.

Along with this exciting growth come growing expenses as demand for our services increases. Since we are an independent public library, we must raise nearly half of our operating funds each year through fundraisers, special events and sponsorships.

We hope you will help us continue to be a welcoming center for the exchange of ideas and a space for education, growth, and social interaction in our community. Your support of the Lewes Public Library is critical to ensure our growing community has continued access to free programs, workshops, and resources. This ensures financial barriers never get in the way of your family, friends, neighbors, and fellow community members accessing everything the library has to offer.

Library Usage & Community Engagement
Fiscal Year: July 1 – June 30


If you are a business owner or an organization, library sponsorships allow your business or group to connect with specific user groups and build a positive association between your business and our successful library programs and high-demand resources.

If you are an individual or a family, you can show your support of a library service or program that you love or believe in by sponsoring it.

Here is a complete list of sponsorship opportunities.

To become a sponsor, complete this form.

Either mail it with payment to
Lewes Public Library
111 Adams Avenue
Lewes, DE 19958

or email it to lewes.library@gmail.com.

Do you have questions or need more information?
Please contact Rebecca Lowe, Library Development Director, at (302) 645-2733, ext. 4117 or by email.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsor Form

The legal name of the library is Lewes Public Library and the library’s federal tax ID # is 51-0350650.

The history of libraries in Lewes is long and rich. For the full story, read about Three Hundred Years of Generosity in Lewes.